Granite Belt Program

With one in every four Australians suffering from a mental health condition in their lifetime, you are not alone. Accepting that you or a loved one need help with a mental health condition is the first and sometimes the hardest step on the road to recovery and the quality of life you deserve. 

We are dedicated to helping you improve your mental health and quality of life. 

We understand the need for a tightly focused program which will assist people who are committed to overcoming PTSD. Positive results are achieved by using a range of evidence-based therapies selected to target the effects of PTSD. Our on-line Telehealth and residential programs provide strategies to help you combat and eradicate the root cause of your condition. 


The duration of our residential program is 7 days and is specifically designed to deliver outcomes for recovery from PTSD and to eradicate old habits and replace them with new, more positive, sustainable ones.  All therapy is focused on reinforcing essential skills for social integration as you transition for going home. 

The program is inclusive of 10 therapy sessions, course documentation, homework sheets, and all accommodation and meals.  

During the pre-admission consultation, we conduct a detailed mental health assessment to ensure that you are assigned to a program that matches the nature of your condition.  

Our pre-admissions process is both professional and confidential and is followed up with a confidential one-on-one review when you arrive at the retreat and before therapy begins. 

Our clients entrust us with their care while we educate them and change their lives at our beautiful mental health retreats on the Gold Coast Hinterland where our clients feel the pressures of life lift whilst we guide them through their PTSD Recovery Program. 

The service you receive is based on the quality and experience of our team which is made up of qualified and experienced allied health professionals.  Our Therapy Team hold professional qualifications as required by the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP) and who are dedicated to connect with you empathetically which allows you to absorb all the new information needed to create your new path to a quality life.  Our Team have experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and who understand a wide range of mental health conditions. 


Our team are committed to providing a high quality of care which will help you with your mental health, but we understand that change can only happen when you are ready. Our therapists are waiting to help you find solutions and long term help for your condition. Taking the first step can be difficult, but the payoff is life changing.

Please call PTSD Australia now on (07) 4681 1042 for a confidential obligation-free discussion.